Our Mission

dealcloser's mission is to modernize the legal transaction process and make it faster, easier, and less stressful for lawyers to close deals.

The Dynamic Closing Agenda with widgets

Building a closing agenda using the Dynamic Closing Agenda

Dynamic Closing Agenda™ - not just a closing checklist

By bringing a number of tools together into one platform, lawyers can manage a large number of documents, track document versions, and send documents for client signature all from a clean and simple electronic interface - the Dynamic Closing Agenda™.


dealcloser securely stores all uploaded documents in the cloud with no data ever leaving Canada. dealcloser uses industry leading security features to ensure that all of your highly confidential data stays safe and secure.

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Clients can easily review and execute documents on dealcloser

Document has been successfully executed on dealcloser


Once transactional documents are ready for execution by a client, lawyers can notify clients to login to dealcloser with the click of a button. Clients can review and execute documents on dealcloser at their convenience - no pens required.

ONE-CLICK Closing Book

At the end of the deal, dealcloser can take the final, executed version of every document used in the deal and create a Closing Book – an organized digital file containing copies of every executed document, complete with index – with just the click of a button.